What’s this? All is right with the world again it seems as Jay Z and Solange Knowles went looking for jewelry together Tuesday afternoon at a high-end NYC jewelry store. There was no word on who the jewelry was for, but we’d be willing to bet the duo owe Bey an apology gift or five right about now!

Sources connected with the store claimed Jay and Solange were in Mr. Flawless where they looked for women’s jewelry for around 20 minutes, according to TMZ.

TMZ says Jay and Solo showed no signs of strife and Mr. Flawless himself waited on the pair. They looked around but tried nothing on.  They left the store without buying anything and didn’t talk much inside the store instead they reportedly just browsed quietly. 

For her part, Yonce posted four pics of herself with Solange in better days to her Instagram account as if to say everything is fine y’all no need to worry or to keep talking about it!

You see the drama is over, and we can all just get back to whatever we were doing before the video leaked now!

What? Don’t you look at us like that! We hear you giving us the Wendy Williams “Mmmmhmmmm” through the screen!

Speaking of Wendy Williams, she broke everything down quite well in her hot topics yesterday and she has some very interesting hypotheses as to what really went down that night based on additional info! Take a look at the video below!

Oh well, someday we won’t have to talk about this story anymore, but today wasn’t that day — not yet!




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