No matter if you are a fan of wrestler turned actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, you know he is one of the most physically fit people in Hollywood. That’s not just because he is always in somebody’s action film, he is very dedicated to his health and fitness. He kicked his fitness regimen into high gear when he landed the part of Hercules. While he was training for the role, many people hit him up via social media asking what his workouts and diet consist of. Now, The Rock is going to show you how to get into fighting shape.

Along with the movie studio, The Rock wants you to join #TeamHercules. #TeamHercules is a program where The Rock shows you every single workout routine he used while getting prepared to play Hercules. In conjunction with the workouts, The Rock will also show you everything he ate. While these are videos, The Rock wants to see your progress should you chose to accept the challenge. As part of the program, you can send in your pictures and videos of your progress.


In order to get started, just head over to

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