Chicago rapper Twista has been hard at work on his upcoming album “Dark Horse” for quite some time now. Finally, it is ready for the world to hear. According to Best Buy’s website, Twista’s ninth album is set to be released on August 12th. But before we actually get to hear the album, we have the tracklist.

The alum features 13 songs including the track called “It’s Yours” which features Tia London. That song was produced by Twista’s longtime collaborator The Legendary Traxster. Speaking of The Legendary Traxster, fans thought “Dark Horse” was going to drop maybe two years ago because Twista was hyping the project in 2011 when he was in Los Angeles in the studio with The Legendary Traxster.


Take a look at the tracklist below. Will you be copping Twista’s new project?

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Twista “Dark Horse” Tracklisting

1. The Dark Horse

2. I Am Such a Mobsta

3. Devil’s Angel

4. Beast

5. Getting Paper

6. It’s Yours

7. One More Joog

8. Crisis

9. Burnin

10. Want My Love

11. Nothing Like Me

12. Me and You

13. 6 Rings



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