If you’ve seen the trailer for the romantic comedy “Think Like A Man Too,” you know there’s an epic fight scene in the film with the cast all decked out in ridiculous costumes. We can’t tell you why there was a fight scene with Gary Owens in a bondage outfit with Kevin Hart dressed as Bam Bam from “The Flintstones” because we aren’t about giving away spoilers.

However, we can tell you that no matter what type of fight it is, you want to have Taraji P. Henson in your corner. According to most of the cast, the beautiful Oscar nominated actress is a thug in heels. “You just point her in the direction of somebody you want to beat up and…She don’t even need a reason,” says co-star Terrence J.


While many of the cast agree that Taraji P. Henson is always ready for war, Kevin Hart made sure to tell some of his castmates not to sleep on the fighting skills of Henson’s Washington D.C. sister Regina Hall. “Y’all got Regina mistaken if you think ol’ D.C. aint crazy. When we were out, Regina has given me glimpses of greatness! ‘Oh excuse me, sweetie?! What you say?!’ Her eyes get all big. I’ll take Regina.”

It must be a D.C. thing.

Check out the clip above to find out which man of the cast the women want to have as a tag team partner. Hint: it’s probably not who you think.

“Think Like A Man Too” hits theaters on June 20th.


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