8. Despite it all, he is still battling his demons. 

These Days- Ab-Soul

“So I should be happy, but this sh*t is stressing’/Staring at heaven like “F*ck is perfection?”/I’m popping downers to deal with depression/Cause when you the plug here come the finessing/Smoking dope with the hitters/Don’t know no new n*ggas and business is business/Can I get a motherf*cking witness?”

9. He understands the fault in how men and women are perceived. Okay, this may be a little too controversial but Ab-Soul isn’t one to stray away from touchy situations. You have to admit he has a good point.

Double Standards- Ab-Soul

“To my n*ggas having b*tches, it’s what you just do/To the b*tches having n*ggas, this what a slut do/My aunt told me always treat my lady right/My uncle told me only love em for a night/You can see the immediate disconnection/Between a man and a woman, the reason for regression/For example, you heard of Amber Cole/But you don’t know that n*gga that was getting dome.”


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