Former football star Warren Sapp went out to eat and watch the World Cup and ended up getting put on blast. Sapp went to Upper DeckAle & Sports to enjoy some food and the World Cup with some friends. Sounds normal enough, right? The only thing is when Warren Sapp paid the bill, he left the waitress with NO tip. She responded how any person raised in the social media age would do, she posted the photo of the receipt online and shamed him.

The waitress posted a photo of Sapp’s receipt where he wrote in a big ol’ goose egg. Warren also wrote “Boys don’t tip.” Since people started clowning him about not leaving the waitress a tip, Warren Sapp is firing back at the waitress. Sapp says he had reasons not to give the waitress a tip. The main reason being the service was terrible. Secondly, the waitress kept calling Warren and his friends “boys” and it really irritated him. So Sapp says the tip was fitting.


While Warren Sapp says he didn’t tip the waitress because the service was bad, many are speculating Sapp didn’t tip because he didn’t have the money to. People have used his 2012 bankruptcy filing and sneaker auction as supporting evidence.

So we ask you, what is the best way to handle a waiter or waitress who gives terrible service? Do you still tip them, bunt less than what you would normally or give them no tip at all?

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