Former football star Warren Sapp went out to eat and watch the World Cup and ended up getting put on blast. Sapp went to Upper DeckAle & Sports to enjoy some food and the World Cup with some friends. Sounds normal enough, right? The only thing is when Warren Sapp paid the bill, he left […]

According to The Huffington Post good old Stacey is at it again and this time she has gone after OPRAH! She had the nerve to use a MALCOLM X quote to do it!  Dash went after Oprah for her recent words on Trayvon Martin and Obama. We can cue that collective eye roll about now.  Stacey tweeted a link […]

Nicole Beharie isn’t one to shy away from controversy.The film SHAME, which focused on the sexual addiction of successful business executive,  made headlines for its provocative subject and on screen nudity.  Beharie, who plays the lead character’s love interest, was attracted to the role of Marianne because she was “someone more modern and interesting.” Her […]

Pariah, the story of a Brooklyn lesbian teenager searching for her sexual expression led the field with nine nominations as the Foundation for the Advancement of African-Americans in Film (FAAAF)announced its nominees Wednesday for its 12th annual Black Reel Awards. They were followed closely by both The Help and Jumping the Broom, which each garnered seven nominations,Mooz-Lum (which collected […]

Nicole Beharie is the ultimate multi-tasker.  The actress is on speakerphone navigating her way through the streets of L.A., which is no easy feat since on this day most of the traffic lights have been knocked out due to high wind storms from earlier that week.  However, Beharie sounds calm and collected. And why shouldn’t […]