Nelly stopped by the Hot104.1 studios to share his opinion on the recent looting and riots in Ferguson that were sparked by the shooting death of Michael Brown:

“We have to do something different. It hasn’t changed that black boys have been dying since we came to this country. He won’t be the last cop to shoot an unarmed black man. What we gotta make sure is that we help to get the laws passed so that (officers) don’t get off. You don’t get the laws passed by breaking into QuikTrip.

All we are doing is disgracing the memory of the victim and his Brown family. The only pictures we should see on world news is Michael Brown, his mother and his father. That’s it.

But we gave them a way out, we gave the media the pictures by looting and burning down QuikTrip, that’s all you see.

We are losing sight of the issue…”

Watch the entire interview at Hot 104.1 here.

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