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The new Brazilian adaptation of the famous show “Sex and the City” has received extremely negative feedback. Viewers are outraged with the series stating that it demeans black women.

Viewers have been demanded that the show be cancelled and for its advertisers to discontinue sponsoring the new adaptation.

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The last word in the Portuguese title, “Sexo e as Negas,” is a term for black women which is sometimes used in a derogatory way.

However, Miguel Falabella, the show’s writer, fought against that statement through Facebook, saying that “negas” is a common expression and is not meant to be hurtful in any way.

“Since when does this [show] demean anyone? They’re black, they’re poor, but full of fantasy and love,” wrote Falabella. “They’re playful! And they get by with the grace of humor.”

Social media has been the segue for viewers that believe this show is prejudice.

An online campaign against the show has developed with women posting pictures holding a sign that says “#sexoeasnega doesn’t represent me” in Portuguese.

A protest was held at the network airing the show, Globo television station, where haters marched against the series’ premiere.

The cancellation of the Brazilian version has yet to be confirmed.

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