“The ROC is still alive, every-time I rhyme!”


Years ago, it wouldn’t be a shock to see rappers exceed one million albums sold in the first week of sales. But in today’s climate, most are lucky to hit the million mark in totality. And with very little promotion and “radio-friendly” single, selling and landing the number one spot on billboard is almost unheard of.


Enter Jermaine Cole. The Roc Nation MC not only landed the top spot on the billboard charts, but also eclipsed 360,000 copies sold. The fete was accomplished on some of the most honest and authentic music we’ve seen in a long time. As seen in his performance on the Late Show with David Letterman, Cole has managed to captivate audiences with soulful records that reflect a deeper love and respect for hip-hop culture. Always remaining true to self, the Carolina product expressed his gratitude and acknowledgement via twitter.


The real is indeed “back” and available on iTunes now. Get your hands on ‘2014 Forrest Hills Drive‘ today!

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