Season 3

Poot (Tray Chaney) appreciates how Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) looked out for him on the show, and in real life:

Sapper (Brandon Tate) reveals that the demolition of the towers in the season 3 opener was CGI:

Bodie (JD Williams) often comes off as an unintentionally funny character, and this is on purpose:

Officer Dozerman (Rick Otto) enjoys how the cast has been going down memory lane again:

Bunk (Wendell Pierce) points out that the deacon working with Cutty (Chad Coleman), like many of the cast members, are people from Baltimore:

Bubbles (Andre Royo) and Herc (Domenick Lombardozzi) would help each other rehearse scenes, until:

Why did Brother Mouzone (Michael Potts) have a dimwit of a helper? Simple:

One of the film crew members posted a photo with Cheese (Method Man):

The classic line from senator Davis (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) came from a film first. You may have also heard it in Red Hook Summer:

Did anyone notice how many hairstyles Rhonda (Deirdre Lovejoy) had? Kima (Sonja Sohn) did:

How did McNulty get his nickname ‘McNutty?’ It was a mistake on the part of Bubbles:

Real drug dealers started to take tips from the show for their hustle, says Bunk:

Some of the scenes and dialogue would pay homage to old western films. Here is one example from Sapper:

When fans meet Marlo (Jamie Hector) in real life, they usually do not like him:

Season 4

The actor who played Namond (Julito McCullum) only auditioned for that role, and was a perfect fit:

Why was McNulty (Dominic West) largely absent in season 4? So the actor could spend more time with his family, Sapper revealed:

Bubbles wanted some action in the fourth season, and was disappointed by his only moment:

During this season Bubbles had a bully (Panama), and this is what his tormentor had to say about roughing him up:

Michael Lee (Mack Wilds) said very few lines in the show were improvised:

Namond’s mother, De’Londa (Sandi McCree), was modeled after a person the actress met in real life:

There is one line Bodie was not crazy about saying on the show:

The person Omar (Michael K. Williams) was based off of appeared in a few scenes as Sapper points out:

Believe it or not, all of the monologues in the show were done in one take according to Sergeant Landsman (Delaney Williams):

What about onscreen time for actresses? Many of them did more than their male counterparts as Bunk notes:

Marlo salutes the new generation of cast members, and Randy (Maestro Harrell) responds:

You can think of the cast like a family, and when new actors such as Dukie (Jermaine Crawford) joined the show, Kima and everyone else embraced them:

The late actor behind Proposition Joe (Robert Chew) gave acting lessons to rookies like Namond:

This season, and the show, shined a light on issues affecting the youth as Marlo explains:

Season 5

Butch (S. Robert Morgan) is actually blind, as Bunk learned:

Who was the inspiration for senator Davis? The DJ that interviewed him in one episode, as Sapper notes:

The lawyer for senator Davis in this season? He is an attorney in real life:

Slim’s (Anwan Glover) reaction to how the real Omar escaped a shootout by jumping off the 6th floor of a building:

Major Colvin (Robert Wisdom) gained a lot from his relationship with Namond during this season:

Michael also grew under Chris (Gbenga Akinnagbe) while they were on the show:

A family photo of De’Londa, Namond, and Wee-Bay (Hassan Johnson), from behind the scenes:

If it was not clear on the show, it was Slim that killed Cheese (Method Man) to avenge Proposition Joe:

Chris was also an extra in the first episode of the show:

You may have noticed creator David Simon in the newsroom of the Baltimore Sun. He worked there as a reporter before making TV history:

Kima is proud of how the show represented the LGBT community:

Marlo thinks the casting directors and show producers are the real MVPs:

David Simon knew that despite low ratings the show would eventually find an audience, Bubbles recalled:

Finally, what makes the Wire so timeless? Herc has part of the answer:

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