Every year, developers head to Las Vegas to show off their latest innovations that will be coming down the pipeline in the future. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a technological tidal wave of gadgets, apps and devices that can easily have the most amorous technophile feeling a bit of virtual insanity with more tech in your face than legs in a Vegas Show. But for those of you who weren’t lucky enough to get to the show, we have filtered through and here are some of our favorites picks for you to see.

LG Twin Wash Wash


Laundry isn’t exactly science, but to many of us it includes weighing a bunch of variables including time, and amount of items that will constitute an actual load of laundry before we decide to wash. The most annoying probably is those delicate items or those favorite items that you might not have enough of to constitute a full load so you end up holding off. LG’s new Twin Wash System is a separate drawer that fits under LG’s front-load washers that can handle smaller loads going through an entirely different cycle. Super convenient and amazing time-saver and now you don’t have to wait an entire month to wash your favorite silk PJs.

Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash

Cell phone companies have been campaigning hard about their devices having the best camera for everyone trying to perfect their selfie. But the majority of them don’t take into account the lighting issue that can turn what could be a great photo into a blurry mess. The Lenovo Vibe Extension Selfie Flash looks to correct that. The Xtension Selfie Flash consists of a ring of 8 LEDs, is about the size of a hotel key fob and affixes to the audio jack of your smartphone so when utilized illuminates about a 1M radius providing better lighting for your selfies. It works for about a hundred selfies on one charge and syncs with the camera shutter of whatever smartphone you are using so there’s no need to tweak adjustments.

Stack Lighting Alba

Intelligent lighting was a big thing this year at CES, but the one that caught our interest was the Alba from Stack Lighting. When most people talk about intelligent lighting they mean you can program the lighting to do what you want but also means constantly fiddling with the app Stack Lighting looks to put the intelligence back into intelligent lighting by having the Alba bulb learning what it should do. The sensors adjust brightness and color based on time of day, location and even people in the room so that you have the perfect lighting for every situation.

LG Flex 2

While there were some notable no shows in the smartphone arena like Samsung, LG continued its stellar showing with announcing the successor to their original curved display device the Flex 2. Te original was a little disappointing, but the new one has improved display resolution – moving from 720p to 1080p, faster processor being the first device announced with the Snapdragon 810 processor, and while everyone is going bigger, they decided to go smaller with a 5.5 inch display which makes it feel more contoured and natural against your face.  Throw in a self-healing back cover, laser auto focus camera, Gesture View and Glance view and the LG Flex 2 looks like a winner.

Panasonic OLED TV

There were a bunch of TVs on display at CES with 4K and SUHD being the buzz words of the moment. Samsung displayed their SUHD line, and there were some 8K displays by Sharp and LG, Sony unveiled the world’s thinnest UHD TV measuring in at just under 5 mm but it was the Panasonic 65-inch OLED TV that was the most impressive when it comes to clarity.  There were larger displays, Samsung had a Glassless 3D 8K TV that came in at 110 inches, but the Panasonic OLED was more practical in terms of what you might actually be able to fit in your house. Also its OLED display was just super clear.

Bragi Dash

With people worrying about their bloated pocketbooks and bags almost as much as their ever increasing waistlines it would make sense that fitness and digital health was as important as packing a lot of technology in the smallest package possible. So with wearables and fitness watches flooding the market, Bragi decided to go closer to your brain. The Bragi Dash are a pair of Bluetooth-enabled wireless in-ear buds that not only play music but are chock full of technology that can track activity, monitor your heart rate, act as a microphone and they are still adding more features to the list.

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