A new Spike Lee Joint is out, and this one finds the legendary director working in the horror genre. Well, sort of. Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus is Spike Lee‘s take on vampire films, bending its mythology to examine the paradoxical relationship between Black people and America. You could approach it thinking the pasty white guy from Transylvania will show up at some point, but then you would miss the intriguing commentary layered throughout the film by Spike.

The Urban Daily chatted with Spike and lead actress Zaraah Abrahams about the film and how it differs from Ganja & Hess, the 1974 classic that Da Sweet Blood reinterprets. Hailing from the UK, Abrahams touched on her previous acting roles and the ‘invasion’ of Hollywood by Black British actors, as Spike puts it. Spike also discussed receiving the President’s Award at the NAACP Image Awards, where he delivered a passionate speech about the women who are most important to him.

All of this went down at 40 Acres Studios, the headquarters of the man who continues to capture the iconic beauty of Brooklyn. The film is now playing in select theaters and can be streamed online.

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