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Jimmy Henchman, who is currently serving life in prison for drug trafficking, was just sentenced to a second life sentence for the murder of a gang member in 2009.

According to the New York Post, Jimmy Henchman (whose real name is James Rosemond) paid Brian “Slim” McCleod to kill Bloods member Lowell Fletcher because he was affiliated with G-Unit, Rosemond’s rival.

It all started when Tony Yayo threatened Rosemond’s son, who was 14 at the time, and flashed his gun at him for wearing another rival’s shirt. Rosemond swore he would get revenge, and he did. He paid McCleod “with a slab of cocaine worth $30,000” to handle the deed.

Judge Colleen McMahon called Rosemond’s crimes “heinous” but lamented to the 50-year-old that “there’s nothing I can do to alter your fate.”

In 2008, Rosemond also confessed to shooting Tupac in 1994 but didn’t face time because it was out of the statutes of limitations. He was, however, sent to prison in 2013 for his cocaine trafficking.


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