Pope Francis Attends His Weekly Audience

Source: Franco Origlia / Getty

Pope Francis has definitely made waves since his election in 2013. From supporting the idea of ordaining women priests, to his acknowledgement of LGBT rights issues, he has become a bit of a papal rock star. So it’s no surprise that Pope Francis, who appears to be the hippest pope of all time, was pretty much made an honorary member of the Harlem Globetrotters during the legendary entertainers’ recent visit to the Vatican. The Globetrotters are currently touring around Italy.

The Globetrotters taught Pope Francis how to spin a basketball on the tip of his finger—the iconic trick most of us tried to master as kids with little success. But just so we know it’s real, before departing his company the team presented with his very own Harlem Globetrotters jersey with his name and the number 90 emblazoned across the back. Globetrotters president Kurt Schneider cited the pontiff’s “tireless work for the well-being of the poor and elderly, his humanitarian efforts and his commitment to bridge gaps between people of various cultures” as reasons to bring him into the Globetrotters fold. In a statement, he said, “He embodies the Globetrotters’ efforts to provide service, smiles and sportsmanship globally.”

Wonder if the pope will rock his new threads under his papal robes…

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