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Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter & Jay-Z Make Major Announcement

Source: Bill McCay / Getty

It seemed like Made In America would be back in Los Angeles this year. That is not the case anymore.

The L.A. Times confirmed that the festival will not return to the city for the time being. After being the first location the festival expanded to last year, it appears things hit a snag during the second attempt. Despite being embraced by the city’s mayor, the L.A. Times indicates that some people disliked it and there were inadequate preparations for the event. Representatives for Jay Z‘s festival said they would evaluate its L.A. future going forward. Billboard originally broke the news this morning, but took their story down for unknown reasons.

Fans can expect the event to be in Philadelphia where it all started, but now New York City may become a second destination. Early reports are saying there will be a free concert at Liberty Island on June 21st, way ahead of the main Labor Day festival. Supposedly it will only last a day compared to the weekend-long Philly version, and Mary J. Blige is expected to be the headliner. More details should emerge in the upcoming days when Budweiser announces the full lineup.

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