Diddy’s video blogs usually stir up a buzz (see today’s daily clip on the right) but this time the rapper is spittin’ lyrics over his own version of “Swagger Like Us,” which originally features emcees Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

The videos on Diddy’s Blog #20 version 1 and 2 are titled “NO ONE on Da Corner Got Swagga Like PUFF,” which is also the chorus to his remake. In version one, Diddy is eating fruit loops, dancing and showing off his bling while his lyrics play in the background. In version two, which features the same exact song, Diddy is driving around in a hot Jeep with no doors and straight clowning around on the streets of NYC, he also stops to get out of his car and do some more dancing to his song.

Although the videos seem to be all fun and games some sites are actually listening to the lyrics and drawing their own conclusions. The lines “You can learn a lot by jacking, jackin my style jackin, jackin my style, ya’ll been jacking for a while…” and “I made dating R&B chicks cool…” are being considered jabs at hip-hop royalty Jay-Z. Whatever his intentions may be its obvious Diddy is trying to get people hyped up for his new upcoming album. Coincidentally, Jay-Z is also dropping The Blueprint 3 this year as well. Wouldn’t an album release battle between Jay-Z and Diddy, similar to the 2007 battle between Kanye West and 50 Cent, be very interesting? I know who to put my money on.

Peep Version 1 here:

And Version 2 here:

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