Houston Rockets v Portland Trailblazers � Game Six

Source: Steve Dykes / Getty

Vanilla Ice and Deion Sanders are similar in how they were so exceptionally bad that those who tried to make a hip-hop song after them had to struggle to be taken seriously. While Eminem temporarily broke the curse for white rappers, Damian Lillard can do the same for athletes.

Those who’ve been paying attention already know Lillard can spit. However, there’s just something about Future‘s “F**k Up Some Commas” that brings out the best in people. It did it for Meek Mill, and it did the same for Lillard, who fluidly rhymes about being one of the best PGs in the league, overcoming the struggle and staying true.

That Blazers squad is going to be weak next season, so it’d make sense is Lillard just says screw it and focuses all his attention on rapping.


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