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Good news: a new M.I.A. album is on the way this summer.

The singer-rapper took to Periscope yesterday (May 17) to share details about the upcoming project.

“It’s got 12 songs,” she said. “I had to take the Disney thing off. I put ‘Galang’ on it instead, I sampled myself. I wanted to say, ‘Whatever, I can’t get Lion King, I’m gonna use my own song!’ That way no one can stop it.”

M.I.A. alluded to a more upbeat sound on this new project, stating: “[I realized] you can make a record that’s happy about surviving and not constantly talk about fight.”

“At the end of the day, I feel like—maybe this is totally gibberish to everyone—but it’s probably better to remind people about survival than it is about the moment you go to battle,” she continued. “Because that’s just a moment.”

M.I.A. also revealed her desire to work with UK grime artist Skepta, and gave her views on Azealia Banks. Watch her Periscope video below. Her album is due in July.


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