If you’re a gamer like we are, here at The Urban Daily, then you remember where you were at when the game changed for basketball on your favorite video game consoles. The year was 1999 and the platform was the legendary, yet quick-to-be-killed, Dreamcast system and the truth in everyone’s household was NBA Live. But with better controls on offense/defense, revamped animation and a unique free throw system – NBA 2K9 has managed to kidnap Live’s crown for the last nine years.

This year’s entry – 2K9 – is no different. In fact, it’s a step up from previous incarnations. Although the build that was previewed original for us during E3 and again a few days ago at Access Communications PR were both similar, that small fact did little to shake this new millennium Dream Team’s confidence. The oogly part of this game was that the color commentary was almost spot-on exact from the 2K8 incarnation. But even that wasn’t enough to deter fans from reacting to the newness such as an adaptive AI that will read, react and adjust in real time to your strategies.

Teammates will initiate cuts, picks and post-ups based on how you handle the ball truly making the game more than just manual playcalling, turning NBA 2K9 into an organic game of skill. If a true gamer/NBA fan, then last season’s Lakers vs. Celtics battle will have left a sour taste in your mouth. With this new season approaching and game to soon be on shelves, you can avenge those losses with an advanced shot stick. Kobe will be able to change up his shots in mid-air.

An all-new broadcast team featuring Clark KelloggKevin Harlan and sideline reporter, Cheryl Miller will be brought to you in all of its 2K-HD glory. Improved facial and skin textures, better uniforms and improved eye movement will do lots to make the game look cleaner, but the online service takes that so much further. 5-on-5 Multiplayer mode with a new ranking system (bench warmer to rookie to pro to superstar) that shows you how you match up against your opponents.

All in all, NBA 2K9 continues its legacy as being the best basketball gaming title for almost a decade and with a newly revamped Reelmaker, gamers will be posterizing competition for 82+ games straight. Let’s hope that I don’t post any of you clowns on Youtube!

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