Microsoft recently held a media event in Tokyo where From Software producer Masanori Takeuchi announced that its “cinematic action” title Ninja Blade will be ready for shipping for the XBox 360 in early 2009.

While you can never have too many ninjas hiding in the shadows, the secretly dubbed“Ninja Gaiden Killer,” looks to bring a new level of realism that was celebrated by its predecessor. Ninja Blade looks absolutely beautiful with featured character designed by celebrated artist, Keiji Nakaoka, with Production I.G. (Ghost in the ShellKill Bill) providing the animated cut scenes.

The 3D action game, that takes place in modern-day Tokyo, features the up-and-coming young ninja named Ken, who is an expert with the katana blade and anything else he gets his hands on

This game is looking to be an XBox 360 exclusive (boo…) and as more develops, The Urban Daily will be right there to provide you with an exclusive review of Ninja Bladeonce it’s available.