Although The Roots recently joined the talk show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon as the in-house band and frequent sketch anchors, the group is experiencing more than just a successful span on the highly-rated television show. They are currently finishing up their 11th studio album How I Got Over.

Though rumors have circulated that the album will be “gospel-inspired,” group member ?uestlove assured that it wasn’t so, and also revealed that the album is “the organ album.” The  project will mark the first time the band has written an album together as an eight-piece unit. The Roots recently debuted the title track on the late night show, however in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, ?uestlove admitted that he wasn’t particularly happy with the performance.

“I’m regretting that move,” he said. “Knowing that this is the opportunity where you have [millions of] people watching, I treated it as a do-or-die moment. So, did I inject How I Got Over with steroids? Absolutely. I got overexcited. That performance was the equivalent of losing your virginity on prom night. The actual single sounds closer to Steely Dan’s “Do It Again.” How I Got Over will be released in October.

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