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When you think about sex tapes, usually some celebutante, reality star trying to be famous comes to mind. Not so much a hardcore rapper who just escaped prison time.

Troy Ave recently announced that someone has tried to extort him over a stolen sex tape. The Brooklyn rapper, who was arrested back in May for the notorious Irving Plaza shooting, took to Instagram to reveal details about his sex tape drama. Troy posted a screenshot of a message he received from the extorter, who’s asking for a whopping $20K to not drop the tape.

Frustrated with the situation, Troy wrote a lengthy post on Instagram, saying, devil always tryna tear a real one down! some low ass home alone Christmas thief stole a laptop that had footage of me and a chick, I was gon use all the parts that wasn’t that X rated 4 a music video. but now they got all unedited parts And now I’m pose to be gettin finessed out my racks”

But the independent rapper is refusing to be extorted out of his coins. He added, so allegedly at 3 o’clock he pose to be going live so lemme jus tell him I Don’t give a Fuck dawg, I will Not be extorted. It Ain’t like I’m doing some freaky R Kelly $hit all me and my fans care about us my freedom, this dope music I’m puttin out & hearing #WhiteChristmas4 on Friday.” Troy ended his post asking his loyal fans to disregard the drama and to support him at this difficult time, writing, Ima still put the other video out dick head, smh Devils Tryna tear a Real Nigga down but GOD is great and the paper straight, #RealOnes yall know wat it is Ride wit ya boi.” 

2016 must be the year of the sex tape threats. Earlier this year, Kanye West revealed in a few of his songs that one of his family members stole his laptop and forced him to pay $250,000 over his sex tape. Ye’s cousin Lawrence Franklin who also spoke publicly about the $250K extortion believes that the sex tape drama ultimately turned Kanye away from his family.

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