When you think about sex tapes, usually some celebutante, reality star trying to be famous comes to mind. Not so much a hardcore rapper who just escaped prison time. Troy Ave recently announced that someone has tried to extort him over a stolen sex tape. The Brooklyn rapper, who was arrested back in May for […]

Jay Z and a collection of some of his master recordings are in the middle of an extortion investigation. The masters were recorded between 1998 and 2002 are valued somewhere between fifteen and twenty million dollars. The police have already taken possession of the tapes which led to the extortion investigation. A producer named Chauncey […]

The plot is thickening in the saga of Ludacris and his secret baby mama. In new legal documents, Luda is claiming that the woman he had a secret love child with, Tamika Fuller, gave him a ridiculous ultimatum before going public about their child.   In the recently filed legal documents, Ludacris, real name Chris […]

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Alpha Lorenzo, a man who claimed to be a nephew of Stevie Wonder, was arrested for trying to extort the singer by threatening to tell the media he had an incestuous relation with both Stevie and his sister. Walker put the squeeze on Stevie for $5 million, but when he was shut down, he lowered […]