The Family Guy spin-off based on the show’s only recurring Black character premiered last night. I wanted to check it out not only because Family Guy is an ingenious show, but also because Sanaa Lathan and Reagan Preston Gomez are starring as Cleveland’s new family members–well, at least their voices are.

First off, it has some funny moments ( Take Cleveland’s plump son asking for toilet assistance as one… “Can you come wipe me?”). And secondly, once I get over my African-American sensitivities for being stereotypically poked at by a cartoon franchise that’s famously known for doing so I’ll be able to laugh heartier.

With the help of my Twitter friends we issued our 10 thoughts about the Cleveland Show.

1. The Cleveland Show is abusing the Family Guy formula so much that even American Dad is giving the show a side eye.

2. Speaking of which,  the show’s family has the exact familial make up of the Griffins minus the dog… and a midget, a redneck, and a bear replace Quagmire, Joe and Peter?! What kind of cut and paste coonery is this?

3. Speaking of which, The Cleavland Show is to Family Guy what any BET reality rip-off show is to any MTV reality show– i.e. Baldwin Hills to the Hills or Harlem Heights to The City or College Hill to The Real World.

4. Speaking of which, why do all of the women in the Cleveland Show have fat asses? Way to market Black people.

5. Speaking of which, why are all the of the Black people the same color? If I was light-skinned I’d be offended. Ha!

6. Speaking of which, has anybody ever met a Black man that sounds like Cleavland? FYI, Cleveland is not voiced by a Black guy.

7. Speaking of which, I can safely assume that there are no Black writers penning this show. If there is, it may only be one but he probably actually sounds like Cleveland.

8. Speaking of which, the series premiere of the Cleveland Show was kinda wack but the season premiere Family Guy was hilarious.

9. Speaking of which, I had a feeling the Cleveland Show was gon’ be wack…but it’s just the first episode so we’ll give it a chance.

10. Speaking of which, we only get one show on TV so why isn’t the Cleveland Show as funny as Family Guy?! I mean, with all of its Family Guy cut and paste buffoonery can we not get a quality Black show that is as good as the White show that it was ripped off from (see #3)?

What do ya’ll think about The Cleveland Show?

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