Every night, The Urban Daily’s resident TV blogger, Kevin L. Clark, gives you his What To Watch rundown for everything on point that’s on television. Here’s what you should check out for Thursday, October 16th!

Scrubs, Comedy Central, 7:00pm –

Zac Braff and company have a hilarious time as the cast of Scrubs find themselves particularly distressed in this J.D.-Elliot hot-and-heavy episode. As their relationship catches fire, interns and staffers alike find bare their souls to a psychologist. Tune in to the funny at 7:00pm.

Ugly Betty, ABC, 8:00pm –

One of my favorites that I’ve had to reluctantly let go off during this tense political climate, Ugly Betty, is a show worth watching for Thursday! On tonight’s episode, Betty tries to patch things up with an equally reluctant Gio and Daniel, again, reacts to a startling revelation in the Meade family.

Supernatural, CW, 9:00pm –

Having lost a little bit of faith in Smallville, tonight’s primetime slot goes to Supernatural and their Oktoberfest episode. Several unsolved murders occur during an Oktoberfest celebration and the Winchester Brothers find out that the killer is a shape-shifting demon who’s taken on the forms of iconic movie monsters. Will the duo be victorious? Tune in at 9:00pm to find out.

Talk to Me, HBO, 10:00pm –

I have yet to see this movie about the life and times of celebrated Civil Rights radio DJ – Petey Greene, but I will tonight. The ex-con’s biography plays out on the small screen and is portrayed by GIANT Magazine cover-boy, Don Cheadle. To see where we’re going, sit down at 10:00pm to HBO and see where we’ve come from.

Family Guy, Adult Swim, 11:00pm –

Meg gets into extracurricular activities as a flag girl for her high school. Now, “almost” a cheerleader, Meg has to deal with her pesky family – mainly Peter – and his Chris-envy issues. Pop culture references, funny gags and just all-around better than “Simpsons” humor is what you’ll have to look forward to on Adult Swim!

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