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Top 10 R&B Songs Of The Decade

Casey’s Top 10 Reggae Songs Of The 00s

Casey’s Top 10 Rap Songs Of The 00s

10. American Gangster. BET. This show was a great documentary series that clearly took a lot of research and thought. Unlike the rap videos that BET shows, American Gangster showed the causes and effects of drugs and criminality. Some of the highlights were there shows on Mutulu Shakur, which examined the militant Black revolutionary movement of the 60s and 70s, Rick Ross, which examined the CIA’s Role in bringing drugs into Black neighborhoods, and the Jamaican shower posse which took a look at how drugs, politics and crime affected Jamaica and the U.S.

9. Reno 911. Comedy Central. Though it wasn’t a Black show, two of the main characters Jones and Williams were played by brilliant Black comedians, Cedric Yarbrough and Niecy Nash. This show combined hilarious improv, wacky characters, and crazy scenarios to create a truly hilarious show.

8. Real Time With Bill Maher. HBO. This show always had great guests and great discussion topics that always made politics seem interesting.

7. Da Ali G Show. HBO. Sacha Baron Cohen’s hilarious characters Ali G, Borat and Bruno and his ability to trick people into believing the characters where real made for a funny, thought provoking show.

6. Everybody Hates Chris. CW. This show is well written and well acted and helps bring back childhood memories.

5. Curb Your Enthusiasm. HBO. This show took racism, disabilities and religion and made them all funny. A great cast and great writing made this show on of the funniest of the decade.

4. Family Guy. FOX. A million jokes a minute, great voices, funny animation and funny scenarios have made Family Guy a guaranteed LOL.

3. The Boondocks. Cartoon Network. This show wasn’t scared to crack a joke or send a message. Whether it was MLK returning to use the n-word or BET turned into an evil organization bent on destroying black people.

2. Chappelle Show. Comedy Central. Great catchphrases, great characters, dope music and some of the best improv of all time.

1. The Wire. HBO. Moving, insightful entertaining and thought provoking. The best TV show of all time.

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