Bumpy Johnson is a name that carries weight and the burden of a crime-filled legacy. We’ve seen our favorite actors portray him in movies about notorious drug lords, but do you know who Bumpy Johnson is? Here’s 8 facts about the Harlem heroin-hustler that you probably did not know: Bumpy Johnson was born as Ellsworth […]

From Nahright.com The real Rick Ross, legendary drug dealer and crack pioneer, talks to streetgangs.com about his lawsuitcop rapper for appropriating his identity. He says he knew about Rawse’s past as a corrections officer way before the general public, and claims his beef with him is about the principal, not the money.

(AllHipHop News) The wife of former drug dealer Frank Lucas was arrested Wednesday (May 19th) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after she allegedly sold 2 kilograms of cocaine to an informant at a hotel.

Coldplay has had the pleasure of getting a huge co-sign from the rap world’s uncontested God MC, Jay-Z. Together the collective remixed the song “Lost+” off of Viva la Vida and put together a video that you can check out after the jump.