Being a musician, thespian, or comedian is one thing but being all three is something completely different and unique. These black men/ triple threats make it hard for just anyone to come into the game being anything less than spectacular!

A triple threat is someone that embodies many talents and attributes. Not only do they have many abilities, they do them well, they are effortless, and own their crafts. This Black History month these black men should be put on blast not for their wrong doings, but for their innate gifts that they share with the world.


Threat #1: Modeling

Threat #2: Singing

Threat #3: Acting

Will Smith:

Threat #1: Acting

Threat #2: Rapping

Threat #3: Producing

Jamie Foxx:

Threat #1: Singing

Threat #2:Comedy

Threat #3: Acting


Threat #1: Rapping

Threat #2: Acting

Threat #3: Fashion Designing

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