Most men would agree that Valentine’s Day is a woman’s holiday, and could care less about doing anything remotely romantic.

However, it may be extremely important to the misses, and a true man wants to please his woman. There is nothing more sexy to a woman than a man with confidence. But if he is secure on the inside he can still maintain his tough exterior while being as comforting as her favorite $50,000 pink monkey.

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So here are eight tips for all of you non-romantic to pull of a successful Valentine’s Day.

1. Secretly find out what she wants to do so that you can surprise her with your plans. It will make her realize that you pay attention to her when she speaks.  But if you HAVEN’T been listening and  have no clue what she wants, hit up her best friend on the low (tell her it’s top secret). That way you get brownie points with the friends and kudos with the “wifey.” The element of surprise is underrated so take advantage of it- blindfold her en route to the designated location( try not to mess up the hair).

2. After incorporating your take on her fantasy V-Day, put your plan into effect. If it takes renting a hotel and sprinkling the carpet with rose petals, make sure you have all your supplies before the actual date. Don’t wait until the last minute to go to Michaels (craft store) to purchase the essentials- do it early.

3. Put together a nice mixture of music. Necessary artists have to include: Next,Usher,Tyrese, R.Kelly, and Al Green. If you’re more into rap try something like The Yung Gunz- No Better love, or Bow Wow- Boyfriend For The Night.

4. Do not try and have sex with her  immediately, give it some time so she doesn’t think that’s as far as your imagination goes. If you are going to a hotel, don’t insult her by going to a cheap one (unless she’s as cheap as you). Rent the room for the night so ya’ll don’t have to leave after four hours.

5. If you are going to a restaurant make the reservations early because it’s going to be packed from door to floor with hungry couples. Sitting in a lobby on an empty stomach isn’t fun. Same thing with the movies – buy tickets early and avoid waiting on line!

6. Be a gentleman and try  not to look at all the the females around you. Tell any of your side-chicks not to contact you (the least you can do) and put your phone on vibrate, not even your boys should interupt the date.

7. A gift. Depending on the length of time in the relationship is how much you should spend. Use discretion!!!


8. Last but not least cap the night off with the best foreplay and intercourse you can give (women like sex too)! Acknowledge her lingerie (if any), compliment her non-stop and do not brag about how much effort you put into the night- it will show for itself!

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