The nerds on the Internet have had their fare of nerdgasms after seeing the end of The Incredible Hulk and seeing Steve Roger’s shield on Tony Sharks table in Iron Man. Now, word has broke about who will be behind the Captain America flick – due out in 2011.

With a shot of super solder serum, this morning is a good day, as word leaked that Joe Johnston will be sit in the captain’s seat of the upcoming Marvel Film.

Tentatively titled The First Avenger: Captain Avenger, the film is on-hand to be out in theaters in 2011 and with a director finally named, the casting is next on the rumor’s list. Johnston has quite the resume to back up the hype. From Jumanji to The Rocketeer to Jurassic Park III, Johnston has nothing but hits on his chart.

Will Will Smith don the red, white and blue suit? Will Iron Man scribes Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby be writing the script?

All these questions and only a few answers have been given. The Urban Daily will keep you posted as more word breaks.

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