When the rumors spread of Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West doing the unthinkable and sleeping with his teammate LeBron’s mother we made the obvious yuck face. We know that El Mariache is a certifiable nutcase and that there is a special place in hell for dudes that sleep with their friend’s mothers but hey, everyone has a moment of weakness.

But then we got a look at King James’ mom and just scratched our heads. Really? Her? Sure you’re sitting there in judgement saying we’re shallow but dammit you were thinking the same thing. If you’re going to punch a one-way ticket to hell at least let it be Bow Wow’s mom

We’ll go even further to say that there are several mothers that we wouldn’t get with under any circumstances. Some of them because of their looks, others because the consequences would far outweigh any good times to be had.

Which ones you ask?

These…the MWWF Squad

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