Hello, boys and girls!  It’s time for the premiere edition of “Good Idea / Bad Idea!”


It’s a healthy activity.  You can burn hundreds of calories an hour by dancing.  It feels good.  Plus it can be a very social activity. Many of us have had memorable nights out at the club dancing until the lights came on and meeting new people, gettin close to strangers… you know…

Dancing In The Street

Forget what Martha & The Vandellas sang about back in 1964. Dancing in the street is effing dangerous.  You can get hit by a car.

Or an ice cream truck.

[Disclaimer – This video is kinda graphic.  No blood though!!!!]

Don’t worry folks. The person that uploaded the video says that this guy is gonna be ok, but was pretty badly injured.  But we hope he learned his lesson.

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Some clever individual seized the opportunity to link this video to another popular internet sensation, Mr. Antoine Dodson

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