There are times when some of the behind the scenes people should be recognized for making it happen. This is the time to show you 5 of the women who help make BlackPlanet happen. Check out their profiles and become their friend! NOTE: These are only a few as there are many others…..

5 Women Who Make It Happen at BlackPlanet

Debbie Bennett, our fabulous Hello Beautiful Senior Editor, is one of the primary reasons that  Hello Beautiful is the fastest growing website specifically targeted towards and for Black women.

You may have seen Oretha Winston‘s name before as she is a writer on our Elev8 website. Her charismatic musings should keep you captive so check out her profile to find a direct link to her articles.

Lan holds down a creative position to envy. As a BlackPlanet copywriter, I’m sure you’ve come across some of her words while perusing the site. She’s been on the planet for almost 5 years, so go check out her robust profile and tell her I said hi!

Danielle is another reason that Hello Beautiful is as popular as it is. As the Junior Editor, she brings great content and her voice to the site. There’s a link to all her articles in her profile.

It can’t happen without Val‘s involvement. Val is the gatekeeper at the BlackPlanet office. The actress/artist is multi-talented so I suggest you check out her profile to see who she is!

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