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I tune into Bad Girls Club every Tuesday night on Oxygen to catch not so gangsta cuties thrash their own  house, fight and try to sex one another. Last night was a mixture of all that.

Hands down–Brandi is bi-polar. Her attempts to carpet munch her Rocker Billy roommate Lea was an ultimate #FAIL therefore the house suffered–glass sculptures and golden statues all got it! A “drink-throw” at the club ended the night early but the party was on-going when the girls made out in the limo, minus Brandi. Kayleigh was labeled “Kristen’s shadow” and became even more of an outcast when she was caught listening in on the other girls confessions. Catya stayed out of trouble  for the most part until… the beach!

Even though it looks like she may have gotten punched in the face you can’t dent how real she is. Catya is the best looking bad girl and the baddest of them all. This girl will fight anyone, anywhere and last night she proved that.

While Kayleigh laid there and refuse to get involved, the rest of the crew jumped in. That one girl was giving all of them the business!

“What is it with Miami?”

Catya’s Friends Trash The House On “Bad Girls Club” [VIDEO]

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