When it comes to visiting the beach, sometimes there is nothing wrong with checking out the scantily-clad-dressed beach babes in swimwear. Instagram account @Beachbvddies, takes us to that special place of beach babes we love to look at.

  Awww this is nice! Metta World Peace spoke to TMZ cameras in LA and admitted that he was thinking about retirement until he got the Knicks call. He wanted to go to Destin, FL and just drink mud-slides on the beach. (He spoke on his strong love for the mud-slide drinks!) admitts But he […]

Trudging through the snow and slush these last couple of months, all I could think about was how warm all the people in the Southern Hemisphere must be right about now, lying on the beach, not having to wear three sweaters, fingers not freezing as they reached for their house keys…. Heaven. So you could […]

If you needed some me time after a long dreary winter, and money weren’t an issue, wouldn’t you treat yourself to a luxury travel vacation? There’s nothing like a sun-drenched holiday villa, beach vacation resort to recharge your batteries. Your can spend days at the beach, soaking up the sun or cooling off in the […]

I tune into Bad Girls Club every Tuesday night on Oxygen to catch not so gangsta cuties thrash their own  house, fight and try to sex one another. Last night was a mixture of all that.