Music in the schools has been on the decline in more ways than one.  Now that everyone is gearing up to send their little ones back to the classroom (or reuniting with their long-distance loves in the dorms) I wanted to take a trip down memory lane to when school was cool enough to be a guest star in rap video.

De La Soul “Me Myself And I”

Pos, Dave and Mase lament getting assigned to take classes in rap with Professor Def Beat. If you look real close you can spot one of our wonderful HelloBeautiful staffers smacking Dave upside his head:)

Rah Digga “Ain’t No Little Kid Rap”

Digga Digga takes us all back to school in the first single from her Nottz-produced album, Classic.

Leaders Of The New School “Case Of The PTA”

A teenaged Busta Rhymes and his former group mates Dinco D and Charlie Brown spazz out over their school’s Parent Teacher Association. We’d just like to state for the record that there is nothing wrong with chillin with Pops listening to The Blues.

Special Ed, “I Got It Made”

I remember a few of my friends in East Flatbush being mad that Ed filmed this video by Tilden H.S. when he attended Erasmus Hall, but Ed explains that wasn’t exactly accurate: “I got kicked out of Erasmus before the album [Youngest In Charge] dropped and ended up in Tilden my last year,” Ed told TheUrbanDaily. “The producer liked filming in front of Tilden more.”

KRS-One, “You Must Learn”  The teacher gets thrown out of a school for letting knowledge reign supreme. How gangster is it to flatten a cardboard dog with a steamroller?

Monie Love, “Monie In The Middle”

This clip features BP’s very own Big CED playing Monie Love’s schoolboy crush.

Kid-N-Play, “Rollin With Kid-N-Play”

One of the first rap groups with their own Saturday Morning cartoon filmed this video at East Elmhurst High School in Queens, NY. Is this where they learned how to be tramps?

Missy, “Gossip Folks”

The slimmest Missy ever took her ADIDAS spokeswomanship to a local high school for a  hip-hop version of GLEE.

Missy elliot-gossip folks ft ludacris

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Lil Mama, “Lipgloss”

It’s kind of sad that she’s more known now for an onstage fail than her music. The intro where she says “I wanna be a part of the cool crowd, I just don’t think I have what it takes” has a whole other meaning now.

Lil mama- lip gloss_ memorex

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Soulja Boy Tell’em – Yahhh! / Report Card ft. Arab

Is the joke on us that he made a hit song out of grunt? The video for “Report Card” kicks in at 3:47 mark. This is where the class has gone.


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