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According to Jim Jones and his goons were shopping for the last Louis Vuitton manpurses when they ran into Ne-Yo and Jay-Z’s good friend Ty-Ty:

Things came to a head on Monday at NYC’s ultra-luxurious Louis Vuitton store on Fifth Avenue. EXCLUSIVELY learned that Jim Jones and a group of men ran into Jay Z’s best friend Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith and R&B singer Ne-Yo while doing some Christmas shopping.

Then, according to a witness who spoke EXCLUSIVELY to, one of Jimmy’s pals made a disparaging comment about Jay Z to Ty Ty. And when the 5 foot 4 Ty Ty responded – things really popped off.

The insider explained, “It was total chaos – Ty Ty got stomped out right there in the store – I though they were going to kill him. And when Ne-Yo tried to break it up, he got stomped too … someone had their foot on Ne-Yo’s neck!!!

No word on the extent of injuries that either man faced. But our source claims that neither appeared to suffer serious injuries.

I’m a little skeptical of a “stomp out” that left no serious injuries. Were those Prada shoes on Ne-Yo’s neck? Even though a good black eye don’t show up til the next day. Either way, I’m not really trying to put beating up Ne-Yo and a 5’4″ Ty Ty on my thug resume, if this indeed happened.

Jim Jones has made a respectable transition from sidekick to entertainer (Remember “Me, My Moms & Jimmy”?) and even executive. But doesn’t he realize a beef with Jay-Z never really pans out? Ask Cam’ron, Fat Joe, Prodigy and even Nas. Did it get them extra sales? Only in Nas’ case. Did it get them more street cred? Nope. (Once a Fat Joe fan, you’re pretty much always a Fat Joe fan.) Has it diminished Jigga’s rep? Only his music can do that. So when will MC’s realize that this is NOT the way to get “Arab Money.” Fail.

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