Twitter beef is the most popular meal on the Internet.

If you’ve paid any attention to music news and gossip over the past few months, you’ve noticed that a lot of the more nonsensical stories can be traced back to comments made on Twitter. Some of them have been entertaining (Fabolous vs Brian Pumper) while some have just been obvious cries for attention.

Our friends over at listed the 10 dumbest so far. Here is #10…

The Tweef: Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em vs. Fabolous

The Reason: After SB was videotaped in a hotel room with notorious hip-hop groupie Kat Stacks a couple weeks ago, Fab took to the tweets to scold the young’n for exhibiting what he deemed “#StupidBoySwag.” Several days later — after Fab used the line, “Pretty boy swag, never coke my nose though,” during a freestyle on Hot 97 — SB responded on Twitter by calling Fab lame and saying that he’d end his career by sending his associate Lil B of The Pack to lyrically attack him.

The Winner: Lil B. It certainly wasn’t Fab (and after that whole Kat Stacks incident, it certainly wasn’t Soulja Boy!) so we’ll award B for getting a little free publicity out of this tweef that was eventually squashed during a radio interview.

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