Athletes make millions of dollars playing their respective sports but we all know they make a chunk of  their change schilling products as pitchmen.  With the football season underway and the basketball pre-season already claiming victims we wanted to take a look at some of the craziest commercials they’ve thrown at us arm-chair quarterbacks.

Old Spice’s marketing department is a zoo. At least that’s the impression you get watching these ads with Ray Lewis, linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens. First he’s riding a giant bird and then he’s getting chased down the field by a bear not named Urlacher.

Before LeBron was the most hated player in the Universe (or in Cleveland), Kobe had the spot. And both of their puppets helped Nike air some funny spots on TV.

Charles Barkley is not funny when tries to be, but when he teamed up with Dwyane Wade for these T-Mobile  Fave 5 ads, the hilarity ensued.

Mean Joe Green in this classic and super corny Coca Cola commercial has been remade so many times that it had to make the list.

Here’s Tiger Woods’ situation before the commercial: He smashes his car after smashing some women, media backlash follows and he loses millions in endorsements. What should we do next? Nike came up with the brilliant idea of exploiting Tiger Woods’ dead dad. “Did you learn anything?”


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