Kat Stacks showed up to our sister station/site  Hot 107.9’s studios and gave her first radio interview ever to The Durtty Boyz.

In addition to her usual talk of bedding numerous rappers, Kat spoke in detail about being a stripper at 14 and turning tricks in Brooklyn as a teenage prostitute for her former pimp, who is also the father of her son.

Despite the heavy subject matter, Kat seemed to be having fun until she broke down in tears.

Watch the exclusive interview below:


Kat Stacks Part 1

Part 2

I got turned out when I was 14 by this dude…he’s my baby daddy now…Most of the girls in this game are under 15-years-old” –Kat Stacks

Part 3

I went to jail pregnant because my best friend set me up with an undercover. When I got out I found out my baby daddy was [sleeping] with the girl that got me locked up.” – Kat Stacks


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