Brandy recently did a shoot for YRB magazine and showed us a sexy side.

Another Friday means another set of The Urban Daily Staff picks.  This week, the staff shows their love for the blog of a fallen rapper’s daughter, a bachelor’s meal of the week, a hilarious viral video, and a reality television program for the family!

Timabaland held a little bash at Drai’s Hollywood and tons of celebs came out…even Paris Hilton. Ciara and Paris must have been having a really good time from the looks of these pictures. Can you guess what these two might have been up to??

There’s no question that these celebrity siblings have what we call “good genes.”

Monica and Brandy were spotted together, showing us they’re still friends after 12 years.

We usually blame the lighter skinned individuals for a lack of rhythm but believe it or not there are some tanned persons who just don’t quite cut it.

The long awaited remake of the 1985 charity song “We Are The World” premiered tonight, February 12th, during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Now that “For The Love Of Ray-J” is over, Ray-J is bringing his whole family, including sister Brandy, to VH1 for the new show “Family Business.”