The Life

  Car shopping can be scary when you’re starting a new phase in your life, and while you might be trading in your old car for something a little more mature and reliable, that doesn’t mean you have to shop like a senior citizen. On the bright side, you’re probably also finally in a position […]

The Life

We’ve all got dreams, but not many of us have dream jobs. Usually it’s because there’s something holding us back, but too often it’s because we’re holding ourselves back. On the bright side, inspiration can come in unexpected packages, and there’s nothing that’ll see you free like a new car. Check out our list of […]

For her efforts in combating both food insecurities and food deserts, Harris is being recognized by Carmax’s The Bright Side as an innovator and savior in her space.

When Brett Meyers, a food industry veteran, realized that 20 pounds of food is wasted per month per person, the Gaithersburg, Md. native decided to make some big changes. First up, using food scraps to combat hunger. It may sound gross, but what Meyers has been able to accomplish with his food rescue program, Nourish Now, […]