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Car shopping can be scary when you’re starting a new phase in your life, and while you might be trading in your old car for something a little more mature and reliable, that doesn’t mean you have to shop like a senior citizen. On the bright side, you’re probably also finally in a position to throw down a little extra cash, which means you can definitely maintain your cool.

Honda Pilot

Whether you’re starting a family and need extra room in the backseat or are just making weekend trips with your better half, the Honda Pilot maintains a subtle coolness in either lane. With a 3.5 liter V6 driving the front wheels, the Pilot is as comfortable off-road as it is on the highway. Even better? It get 27 miles per gallon, so you won’t break the bank at the gas pump.

Toyota 4Runner

There’s something about sitting up high that makes us feel better. Even if your kids are in the backseat whining and there’s hours left on the road, there’s always a way to rise above it. The Toyota 4Runner is made for veering off-road, and despite the rugged look, there’s plenty of room (and a decked-out infotainment system) for the whole family.

Lexus CT Hybrid

Let’s face it: hybrids aren’t exactly cool. You might see them everywhere, but most hybrids look kinda frumpy. That’s not the case with the Lexus CT Hybrid, which looks more business casual than anything. On the inside you’ll be bathing in great sound (a six-speaker stereo comes standard), dual-zone climate control, and, of course, some smooth leather.

Porsche Cayenne

If you’re married, you probably already know a thing or two about compromise. But a growing family doesn’t have to spell the end of your cool streak, and the Porsche Cayenne checks off the two most important boxes: lots of space and lots of power. The base model Cayenne is driven by a 300-hp V6 and there are options for turbocharged options that crank out as much 440-hp. The Cayenne might not be your mid-life crisis convertible, but it’s the right amount spice for the whole family.

Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevrolet Suburban knows where it belongs, it’s right in the name after all. A suburban life doesn’t have to be boring, but it should be comfortable. The Suburban is traditional but it’s also lavish in its own way, and the latest model ups the ante with upscale materials for the interior.

Audi A3

In the 1990s a family car meant one thing: a van. These days it’s an SUV. But there are still other options. The Audi A3 is the perfect small family car: all-wheel drive will keep you grounded, a luxurious inside keeps things comfortable, and the stylish design means your kids won’t be embarrassed when you pull up at school. And best of all? There’s even a convertible option.


The BMW X3 is the perfect in-between vehicle: not quite a full-sized SUV, but definitely packing a punch. It’s also carrying around some serious hardware in the form of a 240-hp turbocharged engine. It’s the type of quiet flex you want in a car. The rims won’t spin at a redlight and fire won’t spit out of the muffler, but nobody’s gonna look down on you in this.

Range Rover Sport

No car is at home off the road as it is on the highway as the Range Rover Sport. But the car is known for something else too: class. The Range Rover offers one of the smoothest rides available, and it’s all about understated luxury when it comes to the design.


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