The entertainment industry is truly a small world. Everybody  has had some sort of interaction with each other in the business. Some of those ties are personal, but most of them are professional. Singer turned reality star Lil Mo took to social media platform Instagram to reveal she was once the stepmother of one of […]

Indiana Pacers star Paul George was believed to be the victim of an elaborate online hoax. According to many outlets George– and other NBA players–were duped into sharing nude photos by a man posing as a woman online. PLAY BMW’s HOOPSMANIA BRACKET CHALLENGE! However, George insists that he was not the victim of a “Catfish” […]

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably caught an episode or two of MTV’s latest series “Catfish.” If you’re still unaware as to why this show is a hit, that’s not a problem considering as to how you can learn a lot from Charlamagne Tha God‘s Twitter page. The popular television and […]

     This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Well, at least for right now. The second season of MTV’s hit show “Catfish” is coming back on June 25. Trickery and deception through social media is rampant, and to see it played out on television is nothing short of scary and riveting. I can’t […]

I’m never one to gloat, but in this case I’ll make an exception. Didn’t I say somebody in the Manti Te’o story was hidden deep in the closet? Yes, I did. Now, the hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo has admitted to Dr. Phil that he does indeed like men or he thinks he might. Dr. Phil was […]

Last night’s episode of MTV’s “Catfish” was one for the books. In the latest tale of online deception, Rod and Ebony  are two “lovers” who have been “seeing” each other online for four years, but have never met.  Ebony has told Rod that she is a transgender man, but Rod is not fazed by it. […]

The plot just continues to thicken when it comes to Manti Te’o‘s story about being the victim of a girlfriend hoax. Te’o recently admitted he knew his supposed girlfriend Lennay Kekua wasn’t real back in December. The star linebacker at Notre Dame University told friends he found out his girlfriend was a fake when he […]

The college football world is no doubt the most talked about sport right now. Why? The star player for Notre Dame Manti Te’o seems to have been a victim of a real life catfish situation. Before I go any further, a ‘catfish situation’ is a term based of the hit MTV reality show about online […]