We all remember exactly when we heard the news that Michael Jackson had died. But the “how” and “why” still feel unclear, even three years after the King of Pop’s passing. Last night’s season finale of “Celebrity Crime Files” revisited the case. Watch the full episode below, and tune in to “Celebrity Crime Files” on […]

In his final days, Notorious B.I.G. expressed his love for L.A., and felt the city had love for him. But the violent East Coast/West Coast rivalry, that previously claimed Tupac’s life had spiraled out of control. The Brooklyn rapper was cut down in an SUV on March 9, 1997. Do you remember where you were […]

It was a classic case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Professional baseball player Lyman Bostock was killed in cold blood, and mistaken identity, jealousy and a shotgun were all to blame. Bostock was killed by Barbara Smith’s estranged husband, who believed that the baseball player was his wife’s lover. Watch […]

When New Orleans “bounce music” hit the airwaves, Shorty Magnolia was clearly leading the charge. But in 2010, the New Orleans musician was gunned down in a senseless crime. But was the bullet that took her life meant for her, or was her boyfriend the intended target? Tonight “Celebrity Crime Files” delves into the tragic […]


  Mac Dre was well-known for creating Thizz Entertainment, the label that serves as a home to Keak da Sneak and several other artists. How much do you know about the late rapper? Here are 12 facts that you should know about the West coast native. Born as Andre Louis Hicks. Began his rap career […]


  Rubin “Hurricane” Carter is known for his amazing boxing career and the drama that ensued during the height of it all. Last night, Celebrity Crime Files revealed just why the athlete wrongfully anded in prison for nearly two decades. Here are nine facts you may not have known about the former boxer. Rubin “Hurricane” Carter is […]


  You’ve heard the “South Bronx” drop over the past few decades. And chances are, if you’re into classic hip hop, you’ve heard the legendary “Criminal Minds” album. But do you know the man behind the production? Here are a few facts about the original member of Boogie Down Productions, Scott La Rock: Scott “La […]

You grew up listening to R&B classics written and performed by John Whitehead but how much do you know about the late R&B singer? Here’s a few facts about the R&B legend. John Whitehead was part of the McFadden and Whitehead duo. Whitehead wrote and produced popular 70’s R&B hits. Whitehead and Gene McFadden formed […]


What is “Celebrity Crime Files?” “Celebrity Crime Files” is a popular TV One documentary TV series that returns for a second season at 9 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 5, 2013. The show “excavates infamous scandals surrounding prominent figures in entertainment, sports, and politics,” according to a press release, and in season 2, “Celebrity Crime Files” […]

Bumpy Johnson is a name that carries weight and the burden of a crime-filled legacy. We’ve seen our favorite actors portray him in movies about notorious drug lords, but do you know who Bumpy Johnson is? Here’s 8 facts about the Harlem heroin-hustler that you probably did not know: Bumpy Johnson was born as Ellsworth […]