Loud speakers, thumping bass, people spilling drinks and girls dressed in their best is cool and all, but the club is nothing without those certain songs that get the people dancing and get the party poppin’.

Lloyd Polite(yes that’s his last name) is back in the news for his recent apology to Ciara, on Twitter (of course).

Every once in a while you come across a music video where the dancing is so good that you’re tapping your feet and shaking your a** in your chair.

Robin Razzi and Kelson The Urban Informer went out to Los Angeles for the 2010 BET Awards and interviewed all the stars before the show!

Hot 107.9’s 15th annual Birthday Bash went down this weekend and Atlanta’s finest were out for the party.

Ciara’s been causing a lot of controversy lately with her video for her latest single “Ride.”

La La and Ciara partied at Carmelo’s 26th birthday bash!

Music videos now-a-day have gotten more and more explicit and even more raunchy. From Trey Songz to Chris Brown, everyone is having “pretend” sex in their videos(even female artists).

The hottest female celebs made it out for the Maxim Hot 100 Party last night!

Ciara was spotted solo dining at Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood. Check out the sexy siren all by her lonesome…

Timabaland held a little bash at Drai’s Hollywood and tons of celebs came out…even Paris Hilton. Ciara and Paris must have been having a really good time from the looks of these pictures. Can you guess what these two might have been up to??