Things are getting bad for Chris Brown and his uncontrollable temper. NBA player Tony Parker is using Brown’s violent tendencies to help win a lawsuit against New York City nightclub. Remember when Drake and Breezy got into the bottle bashing incident at Club WiP over Rihanna last June? Tony Parker was at the club during […]

Frank Ocean has proven to be the bigger man.  The r&b singer says he will no longer pursue criminal charges against Chris Brown, who allegedly attacked Ocean at a West Hollywood recording studio last Sunday. READ: Frank Ocean “I Was Jumped By Chris Brown” On his Tumblr page, Ocean wrote “‘As an artist and a […]

So after Chris Brown‘s run in with Frank Ocean over a parking space, he decided to take to his easel to get out his frustrations. It seems like a perfectly harmless and relaxing activity, but he came back with this painting.      The painting’s not bad at all. (Check out those abs!) But when a […]

When news broke about Frank Ocean and Chris Brown getting into a fight in a Los Angeles recording studio parking lot, many readily believed it was Brown’s fault due to his violent history. However, Breezy says he didn’t do anything and is willing to talk to police about it. Breezy’s attorney Mark Geragos has contacted […]

According to the New York Post, Frank Ocean is looking to press charges against Chris Brown in light of their apparent fight over the weekend in Los Angeles. I imagine if that happens, things won’t be looking too good for a certain pop locker on probation. “Poor dat.” The New York Post reports: R&B singer […]

According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, singer Chris Brown is under investigation for allegedly assaulting Odd Future’s Frank Ocean. TMZ and USA Today are reporting that there was a fight over a parking space Sunday night and Chris Brown was the aggressor. “The altercation allegedly led to Chris Brown punching the victim,” the department […]

As previously reported, Nas is already working on his new album. Speaking with MTV News, Nas would like to once again collaborate with Frank Ocean — only this time he wants to make certain the song sees completion. Nas explained last summer to the New York Times that the two worked on a song entitled “No Such Thing […]

In a candid interview with HUCK magazine, Nas shared his thoughts on Frank Ocean, women in hip-hop, his tax burdens, and how he’d like to be remembered. Are hip hop artists more united today? The community was overwhelmingly supportive when Frank Ocean came out as bisexual recently… I think hip hop artists realise that there […]

As with most newly popular celebrities, singer-songwriter Frank Ocean is allegedly being threatened with a million dollar lawsuit by his own estranged father. Ocean, who largely keeps silent about personal issues on social media, blasted his father on Twitter after finding out about the lawsuit. Ocean tweeted, “father wanna sue me for a million. like […]

As the end of the world or year (which ever’s first) draws near, industry critics are beginning to post their year end best of lists. Two of our favorites Frank Ocean and Kendrick Lamar made Time’s list of the best albums of 2012. While Frank Ocean’s debut album channel ORANGE landed in the number three […]

Miguel has made it painfully apparent in interviews this year that he doesn’t like to be placed in a box. But if anyone required further proof about his serious he is about that stance, there’s a new cover story with The Fader magazine that reiterates the point. The increasingly popular singer-songwriter-producer opined that not fitting […]

Brandy is continuing her promotional tour in support of her new album Two Eleven and she stopped by Hot 107.9 to speak with Beestroh about…