Although the big boss man, 50 Cent, may not be worth his rap moniker, the mogul is concerned about his financial assets as stock markets and real estate values continue to plummet.

The partners-in-rhyme have now stepped up their collaborative efforts with a new radio series to debut on Em’s Shade 45 Sirius XM radio channel.

Atlanta’s own Young Jeezy was enjoying his superstar status in an undisclosed location. But after the jump, check out how Jeezy fans “put on” for their city.

Our favorite hip-hop trouble maker 50 Cent recently mocked Kanye West’s new single “Love Lockdown” on stage during a performance in Albany, NY. G- Unit’s Tony Yayo also jokingly re-enacted Kanye’s camera attack on video.

Can’t remember who’s been in and out (no pun intended) G-Unit? Check our gallery for the definitive list…

“I never smacked anybody. That was just a plot to get money. Everybody knows what it is with Henchman and Game.” – Tony Yayo It’s hard to shake the sense of schizophrenia when talking to members of G-Unit. On one hand you’re met with polite, professional, even grateful conversationalists. They’re the kind of guys that […]

Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Cam’ron, Ghostface, The Game, Nas, Kanye West, and now T.I. The list of rappers that 50 Cent has gotten into it with reads like the waiting list at a Maybach dealership. He’s flirted with Jay-Z but won’t invite him to dance just yet. Now that Lil Weezy is the million-unit […]