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Halle Berry has definitely experienced her fair share of relationship drama, but as time goes on the dramatics only seem to be getting worse.

Seems like Halle Berry’s husband Olivier Martinez is about to start his year off by possibly facing a judge. Martinez is listed as the primary suspect in a Los Angeles Airport battery investigation. TMZ is reporting Martinez along with Halle and kids, Nahla, 6 and Maceo, 14 months were all at the Tom Bradley International Terminal […]

As it turns out, the fade Gabriel Aubry caught from Olivier Martinez at Halle Berry’s home on Thanksgiving was reportedly prompted by Aubry’s actions. Fortunately, he won’t be facing any charges due to his alleged behavior. But let that be a reminder to you and yours: Watch who you swing at. TMZ reports: Based on […]

It’s not just your relatives cursing each other out and taking swings. Celebrities are just like us. Say, Halle Berry, the father of her child, Gabriel Aubry, and her current boyfriend, actor Olivier Martinez. It appears that earlier this morning Aubry and Martinez got in a brawl at Berry’s home. TMZ reports: 1:38 PM PT […]

The National Enquirer is claiming that Halle Berry is on the brink of a breakdown over stress about her bitter custody battle with ex, model Gabriel Aubry. According to the tabloid: “Halle is paranoid and her nerves are as frayed as I’ve ever seen them,” revealed a pal. She fears every camera flash that goes […]

Gabriel Aubry was in court today to discuss the conditions required for his visitation rights with the 3-year-old child he shares with Halle Berry. The court appearance stems from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services previously expressing concerns about the child’s safety in his presence. Fortunately – for him – those charges […]

As the custody battle over baby Nahla intensifies, Halle Berry was advised not to ask the Family Court judge for permission to move her daughter across the pond to France. Since starting to date actor Olivier Martinez, Berry has been hellbent on moving to the European country he was born in. Halle’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, […]

Things just keep getting worse for Gabriel Aubry in the custody battle between him and ex Halle Berry. Aubry has been accused of multiple incidents of child endangerment and it’s come out that one of his accusers is his three year old daughter, Nahla. According to reports from TMZ, Child’s Services conducted various interviews with […]

Oscar winner Halle Berry might as well admit she had a child with the wrong man. She and ex Gabriel Aubry are in court and in the headlines everyday due to their messy custody battle. In the latest installment of the drama, Berry has requested an L.A. Family Court judge for permission to move her […]

The custody saga between Halle Berry and her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, just won’t end. After being investigated for child endangerment stemming from a physical altercation with a nanny, L.A.’s Children’s Services has recommended Aubry have another adult present when visiting his daughter, Nahla. According to news reports, case workers recommended a nanny be present […]

The ongoing custody battle between Halle Berry and ex, Gabriel Aubry, reached an all time high when their nanny called the police on him for shoving her out of the door while she was holding Berry’s daughter, Nahla. Berry asked the courts for a restraining order against Aubry and they valked at the request. Instead, […]

Halle Berry’s ex and father of daughter, Gabriel Aubry, is in hot water once again. He is being investigated by police for an alleged assault on a nanny. Did we forget to mention the nanny was holding his daughter, Nahla, in her arms when the assault occured? According to TMZ, the 6’4 model pushed a […]